So Much Pretty: Black and Gray

Black and gray top from Ross \\ necklace from Colombia \\ J. Crew jeans \\ Banana Republic wedges

I bought this top from Ross in the juniors department. I think it looks maternity-ish because of the ruching, which I thought I would hate. I actually really like it, though, because it hugs my belly and is also nice and drapey.

The maternity style is IN, have you noticed? I've seen so many tops lately that have pleats or ruching or just extra flowiness in the belly area. They looks SO maternity to me. I even had to put one back because it looked like maternity clothing before they started making cute things.

Of course, maybe that's just me. I've never made a point to buy flowy, blousy clothes, so I would never pick up a drapey top. I do have a few ruchy tops that people never thought were maternity until I wore them with my belly.

The necklace is one Mike brought back for me on when he went on a misson trip to Colombia earlier this year. He always bring me back the coolest necklaces. They're not ones I would pick out, I don't think, but I always love them.

Oh, my frizzy hair? Well, I blow dried my hair and then went to the SAIL divisionals. It was humid outside AND it was sprinkling while I was there. Instead of trying to straighten my hair again, I just decided to embrace it. What I really need to do is just say forget it and stop trying to straighten my hair at all. We've had so much rain lately that, in the battle of my hair vs. humidity, my hair is the loser. Always.

The fashion bloggers standard looking down pose. For me, it was, "uhhh...what should I do next?" and then Mike snapped a photo.


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