Seeing Red

So, Mike and I had a little scare on Monday. Right before I was about to head to lunch with Anne Marie, I went to the bathroom and was blindsided to find that I had some bright red spotting.

I knew that this could be a common occurrence, but generally red blood is a bad sign. Also, last time this happened to me, it ended badly. I basically panicked. I called my OB and left them a terrified message. Mike came into the bedroom, I told him what happened and he made me sit on the bed with him. He hed me while I cried and told me everything would be okay. He assured me that it wasn't anything I had done (because that it was). I told him that I knew, no matter how our day turned out, that God was still good. 

Anne Marie was in the living room, poor thing, oblivious and probably wondering where everyone went. After a few minutes, I made myself presentable and told Anne Marie what was going on. I hated to bail on her (and the promise of a delicious cuban lunch) but, of course, being a good friend, she was nothing but wonderful and we agreed to reschedule our lunch.

The nurse called back and I made an appointment for a couple hours later to check things out. Then, Mike and I snuggled on the couch. I texted several friends and family members asking for pray. And then I prayed hard before falling asleep.

I was much calmer when I woke up. We got to our appointment and in true OB/GYN fashion, I had to wait to be called back to pee in the cup. Then, we waited in the inner waiting room to be seen by the nurse who weighed me, took my BP, and asked a few questions. Then, we waited again for the ultrasound.

We were in the ultrasound room for just a few short moments before we got to see our baby, bigger than before. But it wasn't until she turned on the sound that I let out a huge sigh of relief. There was the heartbeat. Our baby was okay.

After that, we had a fun time watching our baby move for the first time. S/he was kicky and rolling around. Our baby is basically the cutest little baby ever.

It was such a huge relief to both of us. Throughout the rest of the day, we said over and over again how relieved and grateful we were that our baby was alive and quite literally kicking.

Thanks to all my friends who prayed for me. It was a horrible few hours, but the wonderful silver lining is that I got to see my baby at 13 weeks when I'm not due for another ultrasound until 20 weeks.




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