14 weeks

{Agenda top from Ross | Mossimo shorts from Target}

LOVE this top. I got it for maybe $8 from Ross. It's cute, lightweight and NOT a maternity top. This photo gives the impression that the shirt hugs my belly, but it's actually really roomy and I hope to be able to wear it for a while.

And these shorts are one of the two pairs that I've pretty much lived in all spring & summer. I should maybe spring for another pair. Maybe next year. :)

Anyway, this week has been the week of the maternity clothes. LOFT had a 50% off everything (except jeans) sale. Well, I guess this exception didn't apply to maternity jeans because I got this pair for 1/2 off. I also got this top. It makes me nervous to buy clothes online because I try on almost everything before purchasing. Happily, the jeans are super cute...though short little me needs them hemmed. No surprise there. I got the top in XS and it's super baggy on me. I guess I'll wear it when I'm super pregnant?

Mike and I hauled down two large tubs of maternity clothes that Janelle gave me a few years ago when her attic space got smaller due to renovations. Alex is 10 and Davis is 6, so I had pretty low expectations for these clothes, style-wise. Some of them definitely met my expectations and went right back in the tub. I didn't love any of the tops, but there were a few that I might wear.

However, there were a lot of jeans that definitely still cute. Like Mary said, boot cut jeans don't ever really go out of style. They might not be the trendiest, but I'm happy to have more than one pair of maternity jeans. In fact, I have more maternity jeans than regular jeans to choose from! There are also a few pairs of shorts that were kinda cute.

As for now, all the maternity clothes are tucked away in the closet and/or in the "keep" tub. Not sure when I'll feel the desire to move from my regular bottoms into maternity bottoms. When did you start wearing maternity pants/shorts?


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