We want chickens!

You all know Peggy and Joan, but what you may not know is that they are fugitive chickies. Always on the run from the law man. See, shortly after we got our chickies, we found out that it was illegal to have them. What?? Yes, true. If you live in the City of Greenville, you can have chickens. If you, however, live in Greenville County and are zoned residential, you are not allowed to have them!

We're trying to change that policy. Tuesday morning, a TV news reporter and cameraman showed up on our front porch (they couldn't have called first?) and interviewed Mike and took some great footage of Peggy and Joan. There is footage of other chickies, but when you see two girls without any fencing and a blue coop?  That's us. 
Be on the lookout for Bella! She makes a teeny cameo. :)
Click here to check out the story on the WSPA website


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