Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby K is on the way!

I am SO EXCITED to finally be sharing my news with you guys! Mike and I are happy to announce that we are expecting a baby! Charlemagne (the designated pre-birth nickname, don't judge) is due in early January.

Our 8w3d ultrasound. It's a gummy bear!

My little 12 week bump

I am often getting asked, "How are you feeling?" I feel totally fine. The worst morning sickness I have gotten is just a wee bit of nausea at times. I don't have any food aversions or cravings.

As far as symptoms go, my boobs have gotten bigger and I've been super sleepy. Around 9-10 weeks, I had to draaag myself out of bed around 10am. I find myself getting lightheaded a LOT. Sometimes, it feels like every time I stand up, everything starts to go dim and I have to hold on to something for a minute.

I've also been having some pretty nasty pains in my tailbone and butt. It was really really bad a few days ago but hot showers, stretching, and hard pressure helped. It was so bad that I felt like someone was stabbing me every time I rolled over in bed. But today, it is almost entirely subsided.

However, all in all, I would say my most prominent symptom has been gas. Womp womp. Really? Yes. Because I'm so glamourous like that. There has been an awful lot of burping, farting, indigestion, and bloating. I'm pretty sure I had a bigger "bump" (a.k.a. bloat) a few weeks ago than I do today. Especially after a meal! Happily, that definitely seems to be fading (if not entirely disappearing.)

So, there are pretty much all the details. Mike and I are super thrilled to be expecting our first child, but it has been an roller-coaster of emotions this first twelve weeks. When we went in to our first appointment, we were have expecting them to find nothing in the ultrasound. I know that's so pessimistic, but up until this point, we hadn't been super excited. Everyday felt like a little victory. We did a lot of praying and trusting God.

We got to see our baby, hear the heartbeat and see the tiny flickering heart. That made it SO real and I was finally giddy with excitement about our little baby.

I was reassured again at my 11w3d appointment when I got to hear the strong little heartbeat again. :)

Thank you to everyone who has been praying with us! We're so happy to finally reach the twelve-week point and share this news!

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