The Importance of a Snapshot

If you were fancy, you might call these photos "lifestyle photography," but I call them snapshots. These are just photos I've taken while hanging out with family. They're just moments that I've been blessed to capture simply because I happened to have a camera on my person.

Obviously, I believe that getting family portraits is an important thing. But family portraits shouldn't be your exclusive tangible memories. Don't wait for the special moments to take never know what you might miss in between. I realize that I have very few photos from last year because I was so busy working that I just didn't take very many.

Then, I was visiting a friend who has a ton of snapshots on her wall. Just photos taken of her family living life. I visit her a lot and I've seen these pictures more times than I can count. But for some reason, it hit me that day and I found myself marveling at the importance of a snapshot.

You don't have to have everyone all dressed up and smiling to take a good picture. You just have to capture a little bit of life.

(And don't just leave them on your phone or your computer. Print these photos to put on your wall or in a book! They're much more enjoyable that way and you never have to worry about loosing all your photos because your phone and/or computer died.)

Out to lunch with my mom

Hanging out at my brother's house and Adrienne was laying on the couch because she didn't feel well

Sitting on my brother's porch and I just *had* to take a photo of his adorable dog

In our hotel room while we were in Florida. Leo was reading random excerpts out of Mary's novel and making it sound ridiculous. Mary is in the background doing up her face.

Right after the last photo. We went to a beach/park about 20 minutes from my Grandpa's and a fellow beach go-er snapped this photo for me.

My Uncle Joe is the best story teller! And that's Uncle Marc, to the right, laughing. To the left, you can see just a smidgen of Uncle Mike. He's going through pictures like we all were that night.

I was out to lunch with Anne Marie when we ran into Leo & Jade celebrating their ONE YEAR anniversary! 

Playing Apples to Apples with Kyle & Kristy. Kyle's trying to figure out which card to choose.