Lazy Friday Evening

Mike recently built us a little deck of the dining room and everyone loves it; the dog, the chickens, they all love it. We love it too. Last Friday, I brought home takeout from the Greek Festival (love that they have a drive-thru!) and after dinner, we sat on the deck. I was alternating between watching the animals and reading my book and Mike was alternating between yardwork and relaxing beside me.

The deck isn't quite finished as it still needs to be sealed. I need to buy new plants to go in the pots that are full of dead plants. But it was so nice to sit out there and enjoy what is surely one of the last cool evenings of the year. Once it got dark, Mike lit a bonfire and we sat around that with Bella asleep in the grass between us.

Most of our evenings are spent inside as we are quite the lovers of technology. But this was such a very nice treat, I hope they deck brings us more lazy outdoor evenings. :)