Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Things...I wanted to be when I grew up

When I was a kid, I never expected to be a photographer or a nanny. I did want to be a marine biologist and teacher like a lot of kids, but here are three of my more unique ambitions.
  1. Dolphin trainer: Why yes, this was right after I visited Sea World with my family. I thought being a dolphin trainer would pretty much be the ideal job.
  2. Profession clarinetist: Even today I can never tell you why I actually considered this (for, like, a week when I was in the 8th grade). I was never fabulous at the clarinet and after middle school, I quit band all together. (Marching band, especially band camp, sounded horrible.)
  3. Cotton candy maker: Actually, I still would like to be that. Right? Except now I have no notions about having to work at the circus. I know full well that all I need is one of those cotton candy making machine thingys. Yes, this one is still totally do-able.
Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Missy said...

OR, Stargirl, they only want you to THINK it doesn't exist.

Tiff, the cotton candy maker? Yes! Be all that you can be!


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