So Much Pretty: #tabletopday

Anne Marie came over last Saturday (Scratch that. I just realized I've had this post in my drafts and never posted it. It was a while ago...) to hang out and was gracious enough to take these photos of me before we headed out to lunch. :)

We dined a Sully's Steamers, a new steamed bagel restaurant owned by a friend of my parents'. I had a to get a photo with me and Robert a.k.a. Sully and joked that now I'm friends with a restaurateur. I had never heard of steamed bagels before, but I really liked them! I guess, in my head, they'd be weird and soggy and chewy like a microwaved bagel, but they weren't like that at all. I'm looking forward to going back and I think y'all should check it out!

Afterwards, we went back to my place. We played Clue and sipped on some yummy limoncello while watching "So I Married An Axe Murderer." It just happened to be on TV and it drew us it. :) We also played Dominion which was way fun. And Anne Marie totally one by ONE point!

Oh, and like the awkward photo of me below? I included it because you can kind of see my gold and teal eyeshadow and that's kind of fun. Also, I needed a fourth photo to round out this post.

Outfit details: Kate Spade necklace || Merona cardigan || NY&Co camisole || J. Crew shorts || White Mountain sandals


Stargirl said…
So I Married An Axe Murderer is such a great movie!

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