Thursday, April 11, 2013

so much pretty: growing out my bangs

Pretty much this entire outfit was bought at the outlets. I didn't mean to go into J. Crew but I did. I just wanted to look. And this outfit came together in the dressing room and I LOVED it. And everything was an additional 40% off. The clip in my hair is to hold my awkward bangs down while they are growing out.

My awkward posing is because I'm awkward. 

Oh and this photo? This is right after I asked Mike, "Does my hair look okay?" and he responded affirmatively. Clearly, he is not the right person to ask...

I realize I should stick with the blunt bang look until they get a big longer but I decided to make the decision and not turn back. So...slightly awkward phase. I hear it'll take two weeks to get out of this awkward phase. I can wait it out.

I'm super happy with my J. Crew outlet purchases because I got everything at Target prices. Aww yeah. And I know I'll wear the crap out of these shorts. I mean, seriously, it was almost 90˚ yesterday! I know I've been eager for summer but that is a little early.

But I'm the one who has been begging for summer so I won't complain. I am going to embrace this Carolina spring. I'm going to embrace it with sunscreen, flip flops and shorts.

Outfit details:
Kate Spade necklace (gift)
Target nude cami ($8)
J. Crew Outlet mint cami ($7.99)
J. Crew Outlet cardigan ($17.99)
J. Crew Outlet shorts ($23.70)
NY&Co flip flops ($10)

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