I was in Florida for all of last week. My grandpa had taken a turn for the worst and so my parents rushed down on Saturday. Leo, Mary & I drove down Sunday. By Monday, all my grandpa's seven kids were there. The time was spent laughing, talking, and sharing memories. And, of course, giving my grandpa ice cream, doughnuts, and KFC.

My grandpa died peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday morning and we were blessed to be able to spend his last few days with him.

We spent a good bit of time going through photos and here are just a few I wanted to share.

We spend a lot of time going through old pictures that week. This is one of my favorites: grandpa and two of his buddies. They're probably calling up some chicks. :)

Another one of my favorites. Clockwise from top left: Uncle Mike, Uncle Jim, Dad, Uncle Joe, Aunt Mary Anne. Uncle Jeff (their stepbrother) joined the family a few years later when my Grandpa got remarried. Uncle Marc was a surprise baby several years later.

I snagged this photo of my grandparents. I love it because this is how I'll always remember them. :)


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the photos of your Grandpa, Tiffany. "A picture speaks a thousand words." Your pictures convey a happy man who loved life and his family...and will be greatly missed. ♥
Such a precious memory of your grandpa! The photos are great treasures for your family! We were praying for you as you were away. Glad you had that time with family. Love ya! cheryl
Missy said…
<3 I know how this feels. Happy and sad and everything else, too. I really love that last picture of your grandparents. ((Hugs))

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