31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 1}

Self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

  1. Sometimes, when I come home it's dark outside. It crosses my mind that when I lock my car (and the horn goes off), I might have alerted the horde. You know, like the car alarm in Left 4 Dead.
  2. If I don't have anywhere to be for most of the day, I still want to get ready for my day. So, I'll do my hair and makeup, I'll put on a nice top and earrings...but I'll keep pajama bottoms on. :)
  3. My favorite snacks are: powdered doughnuts and popcorn popped in coconut oil. I buy powdered doughnuts VERY sparingly.
  4. I think it is easier to drink a lot of water if you have a pretty glass or bottle.
  5. I'm on the fence about keeping my bangs. On one hand, they're pretty high maintenance  On the other hand, they make me feel like I look sooo cool.


Tiffany C. said…
Love your name :) I like your idea about being able to drink more water if it is in a pretty glass. I might need to use your idea. I know I don't drink nearly enough water daily.
Mary Heuser said…
The bangs do look super awesome.
Robin said…
I always like bangs at first, but it's annoying to have to keep them short. And they seem to take a year to grow out.
Amanda said…
I love your bangs! They are cute!
You are too stinkin' cute! So are the bangs ;) And yes, the car horn in the dark? I'm a Walking Dead fan and have a fear of zombies coming out of my backyard when I get home. Happy Day 1! I'll be popping over throughout the challenge (I'm doing it, too!)
Me neither. I heard you were supposed to drink half your weight in ounces each day!
I'm actually wearing them to the side today.
Yep! But I knew that going into it. I think I'll stick it through for at least a little bit longer... but I know it'll be an annoying grow-out period when I get there!
Haha, I'm glad I'm not alone in my irrational fears! I'll check out your challenge entries too! :)
I love your bangs :) I think that's funny and cute about keeping the PJ bottoms on :)
Charity said…
Number two made me BOL. I think I will Participate in the challenge myself.
Missy said…
I've never seen or heard of Left 4 Dead, but that car alarm phobia...I totally have it, too!
Laura said…
I have done the nice top with pajama bottoms on a number of occasions, LOL.
Ashley said…
How have I never popped popcorn in coconut oil before? That needs to change pronto!
Sara said…
Hi! Found your blog from the challenge. I think you should keep your bangs. I wish I could have them, but they don't work on my hair. :-)
CraftyMomof3 said…
same here with the car...I am always worried there's one under it!
I was just telling my husband that the container I drink water from makes ALL the difference in the world! Finally! Validation!
Haha, yes! You are not the only one! :)
I do my weird run-walk. The one where I want to run because I'm kind of scared but I force myself to walk because I know I'm being an idiot. LOL.
I was so worried I'd look stupid, but I ended up being happily surprised!
I read about it somewhere and it makes the popcorn soooo yummy!
Haha! Yep! I want to look nice, but there is no reason not to be comfy! :)
I guess it's just creepy at night!
Yay! I'll be sure to check yours out. Glad I could make you laugh. ;)
Haha, thanks! That way I can do vlogs, but still be comfy ;)
Paula said…
Pajama bottoms and all decked out! I love it!
You are just too adorably cute! =) & I agree on the whole water thing...my CamelBak goes with me EVERY where! =)

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