Twinfest 2012: Amelia Island

Ah, the long awaited TWINFEST2012 post! I can't believe I never posted any of these pictures. It could be the horrible last day we had. It could be that I had a miscarriage shortly upon returning home. Who knows why? What's important is that it's being documented now.

This first photo was taken at 6AM. It would take us about 6 hours to get to Amelia Island and we wanted to make the most of our trip, so we left super early.

This post is super picture heavy, so the rest of the pictures are after the jump!

The drive included a lot of singing. I think there was a hefty dose of Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. Don't hate.

12:30 and driving over the bridge to Amelia Island!

First stop: lunch! Some adorable little Chinese restaurant. I didn't finish my food and we couldn't get into our hotel room yet...but I still got my food to-go. I felt bad about leaving so much on the plate. Mary thought I was stupid. Turns out I was. Why? (Other than the obvious.) Because later that night, when we got back into the car after hanging out on the beach all day, I realized I left my Chinese food in the car all that long July day. My car STANK! :(

After lunch, our room wasn't ready yet, so we went to Kohl's and bought beach hats!

Our hotel was right across the street from the public beach access. SCORE! So, we headed straight for the beach! There were these shrimpies all over the Island and this was the first one we met. Also, these are my first ever pair of aviators! I ended up losing them in the ocean, though. 

Iconic movie moment.

Yes! Finally laying out on the beach. Fabbity fab fab!

Sunglasses + Camera? Instagramage without the phone.

Day 2: 8:15am and back to the beach. That number seems so wrong to me. Did we really wake up early? The time stamp on the camera says yes. I know I went out running. And I showered and we had breakfast. And then we headed out to the beach. But did we really do all that by 8:15am??

Early to the beach = choice seating. 

Ermahgerd ternershberl!

So, at the beach, some company put up a TON of amazing kites each day. I wish I had more pictures, or some close up pictures because these kites were so cool!

We went into town for dinner on day 2, having eaten at a beach bar the previous night. It was fun exploring downtown Fernandina Beach.

Another shrimp man at the docks!

Look! We're learning things!

Another XING sign for my collection.

Dinner at, erhm, some restaurant. It was tasty. And I had taught Mary all about foursquare so here she is checking in.

More of downtown Fernandina Beach. And Mary's new boy toy. (Shhh, don't tell Kenneth!)

Yay for twins!

Another shrimpy! Didn't get to meet this guy as he was in a restaurant. We would have gone in, but he was cornered in by a table at which a family dined. We thought that might have been just a bit too intrusive for a photo.

Walking around on the docs. I don't remember whether we had ice cream this night or not. We definitely had it the following night. Note: we didn't see a manatee. BOO.

As we were driving back to the hotel, we passed a park. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes! We looked at each other and decided it was a perfect night to swing. And we met another shrimp man!

We met a sweet couple at the park with their grandkids and they kindly took our picture. :)

Day 3 on the beach! This photo was taken at 9:30am. What? Do my sister and I just hate sleep? I'm guessing I had different sleep patterns seven months ago than I do now...

Mary sez: It's too windy, forget this! I'm going boogie boarding.

Can you see? Lots of pictures of Mary boogie boarding. Some successful and some wiping out.

I didn't want to get my toes wet so Mary and a friend built me a barrier. Fun fact: my toes are painted that same color right now!

The rest of the trip included:
  • Napping in the hotel and watching The Incredible Hulk & Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
  • Ice cream for dinner
  • Getting a flat tire on the way back and also getting in a big fight (what's a sibling vacation without one!) Note to self: even in the miserable moments of Twinfest 2013, still take pictures. They're not as bad later on.

So, all this is making me VERY excited about summer! I'm so done with winter and anything colder than 70ยบ! Stay tuned for Twinfest 2013. Not sure where we'll go, yet. We know we want it to be at a beach...

What's your favorite beach in the southeast?


Mary Heuser said…
You know, I couldn't even think why you wouldn't have posted this until I remembered the fight. I expect in the days following TwinFest, that was the last thing you wanted to reminisce on. :( I'm sorry it ended like that.
I'm sorry too. Hopefully, if that happens again, we'll remember how stupid fighting is. <3
Missy said…
yennie209 said…
Aww. Love postings of or by twins. I am a twin also! :)
yennie209 said…
Love ur postings! I just happened to find this page from ur YouTube video about the Ipsy bags. :) so cute about this post. No matter what happen between two sisters... every fight is nothing because u two will eventually drop it and say I love yous to each other. :) being a twin is the best! No matter what happens to ibe another lives, you two will always be by each other sides. Support, trust, and everything. :) I am a twin myself.

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