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My second time being on WAC Ave Street Photography! This time Will didn't stop me on the street because I looked fabulous. We actually planned this shoot for my style profile!

It was actually after this shoot that I went full on jeans and t-shirts. I spent so much time worrying about what I would wear...I actually made my sister video chat me (google hangouts!) so she could help me decide on my outfits. That kind of why I listed my personal style as "undefined." I will go weeks in jeans and tee-shirts and then I'll go weeks in a fabulous and different outfit everyday.

For this shoot, I knew I wanted two pieces: my leather skirt and my floral blazer. So, I built my two outfits around those. Click on over and check out the full post!


katie said…
saw it! you looked fab! i was on there a couple weeks ago - made me so happy!
Missy said…
Hooray! I remember back when you first blogged about wishing you could run into that photographer. So fun!
Thanks Katie! I saw that post a few weeks ago and I was like, oooh, I think I know her! Well, "know" in the bloggy sense. ;)

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