So Much Pretty: Casual Fridays a.k.a. Bella is a knee-sniffer

Sometimes, I try so hard to dress interesting that I want to wear nothing but jeans for a while. That's how this week has been. I've been in jeans all. week. long. Sometimes, I'll top my jeans with my Red Wings tee-shirt other times, I'll go crazy and wear a cute top and cardigan. 

This was half and half: gray boy-friend tee with pretty cardigan.

This outfit is not striking. It's not ground breaking. It's just comfortable and cute.

I've been recently thinking about how I mostly only do outfit posts when I feel I have a post that is "worth" sharing. Which means its interesting and pushing my limits.

Well, duh, you might say. Isn't that why you started So Much Pretty in the first place? Well, yeah. But I think I'm going to be changing it up a bit. You'll see more outfits that are my everyday dress along with the outfits that took me ages to pick out.

You see, I spend so much time in jeans and t-shirts. And my comfy pants...but I won't be documenting those outfits. That's not to say, that I don't wake up some days and think: Oh, I have just got to wear those really uncomfortable red skinnies (which, truly, are uncomfortable....and I don't know that I've ever featured them, so I'll get on that).

Okay, waxing poetic aside, here are a few more pictures...

Sorry for the blurry photos. I didn't realize they were blurry until I took my camera off the tripod and decided..oh well! Too late! This outfit is full of my favorites: favorite tee, favorite jeans, and favorite flats.

This was yesterday's outfit. Mike and I went to the Trappe Door for lunch and then saw A Good Day to Die Hard that evening. We totally splurged and got a large popcorn and oh my gosh a large popcorn is really really big. I don't want any more popcorn for at least a month!

Also, now that I have a Clarisonic Mia (splurge!), I'm trying to go without as much makeup. Just because I want to see it's effectiveness. But I am wearing my new Sephora jumbo waterproof eyeliner. This one is in Kaki...which I think is a misleading name. Also I only blow-dried my bangs...hence the frizzes on the top of my head.

Outfit details:
Necklace: Kate Spade
Tee-shirt: Mossimo
Cardigan: Merona
Jeans: J. Crew
Flats: I think RocketDog, but I've worn the logo off the sole.


Missy said…
So...what's a Clarisonic Mia?
It's a very expensive cleansing brush. It oscillates very quickly and is supposed to clean your face 6x better than using your hands alone. Also, it gets very incredible reviews and people say it's "life changing." I don't know that I think it's that great yet, but I'm glad I got it. :)

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