Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Mineral lipsticks by Austin Elements {indie cosmetics companies}

Prettily wrapped goodies from Austin Elements! The packaging reminded me of Lisa Frank which I absolutely loved growing up. Inside the package were six lipsticks as well as papers containing descriptions and the ingredients of the different lipsticks.

I particularly loved that she included a description and ingredients list for each color so I didn't have to go hunting around for that information!

There were two different tubes of lipstick. One looked more traditional and the other looked more like a lip balm. Actually, it was kind of shaped like a lighter. (Thanks to Anne Marie for noticing that!) While they are listed as "mineral lipstick" and "lipstick lipbalm" respectively, I don't know that there is any difference between the two. The papers that I recieved didn't show a difference in formula aside from dyes/pigments.

From left to right: Coral Honeysuckle, Texas Star Hibiscus, Rock Rose
From left to right: Coral Honeysuckle, Texas Star Hibiscus, Rock Rose

From left to right: Peppermint lavender, Copper Iris, Pink Buttercup.
From left to right: Peppermint lavender, Copper Iris, Pink Buttercup.
These lipsticks kind of remind me of Burt's Bees products. They feel like Burt's Bees products in the sense that there is a cool almost tingly feeling on my lips when I wear these lipsticks. However, the mint and tingle isn't nearly as strong as Burt's Bees products.

The lipsticks give good pigmented color that lasts for several hours. You'll definitely need a touch up after eating. I've been wearing Lorac lipstick lately and these are definitely not as creamy as that. I found two of these (Texas Star Hibiscus and Rock Rose) to be a touch drying on my lips, but a swipe of lip balm takes care of that issue.

I really did love these lippies and would recommend checking out the Austin Elements shop on Etsy! Pamela is super nice and even has a blog where you can read about her process.

Check out my video review. It includes what the lipsticks look like when applied. :)


Mary Heuser said...

Nice cover photo on that video ;) Anyway, I really like the color of coral honey suckle. I should've tried these when you were here! What does she put in the balms to make them tingly?

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

Haha, right? I'm good at awesome cover photos. She puts peppermint oil in the lipsticks, so I think that gives them the slight tingle.

austinelements said...

Dear Tiffany,

Thank you so much for your generous and thorough review of my lipstick creations! It's so exciting for me to see the swatches on your arm and the beautiful pictures you took! The video is fabulous, I love how you took ample time with each different color.

Yes, you're correct - the colored lipbalm is exactly the same formula as the lipstick - I often pour into the lipstick molds *and* the lip balm tubes at the same time with a single batch. That's why I call them 'lipstick balm' - because it's lipstick in a balm tube. People do seem to prefer the lipstick because it's easier to apply. The lipstick-balm actually has the same amount of lipstick in it as the regular twist up lipstick tube, but it's more compact and portable.

The Peppermint/Lavender is one of the flavors from my new line that I plan to roll out this Spring, along with some fun lip gloss in a click pen :-)

Again, I want to thank you for your gracious review!
Kind Regards,
~Pamela Gardner
owner, Austin Elements

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

Thanks for the info, Pamela! I'm so glad you loved the review! :) :)


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