Monday, February 4, 2013


Thursday, Mike and I, along with my parents, drove down to Florida to visit my Grandpa. I hadn't seen him in a while, so I was excited to go down and visit him. See, I don't see my extended family a whole lot. Not because we dislike one another--we totally don't--it's just I've always lived so far from my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. (Always at least 8 hours.) But when we get together, it's always a good time! :)

We went to visit my Grandpa mostly because I really really wanted to. Back around Christmas time, my dad had plans on driving down to Florida and bringing my Grandpa to SC for christmas. And, of course, that was the Christmas that I would be in Michigan (we alternate). I was pretty bummed about this and decided that, in the New Year, we'd go down to Florida.

So, I talked to my Dad and we decided to go down for his birthday! 

A few old things around my grandpa's house: this super old TV in the kitchen (I've never even seen it turned on) and these old school pictures of Stargirl and me! 

These photos were taken in the 11th grade, I think? I remember really liking this picture when it got taken. Why? Because somehow, the lighting and made it look like I had boobs when really I was a "nearly A." LOL.

These are my "ha-ha! I'm in Florida!" pictures. :) Painted toes and an orange tree in my Grandpa's backyard!

Me: I painted my toenails.
Me: Everyone is going to see them.
Me: Because I'm wearing sandals.
Me: Because I'm in Florida.
Mary: WHAT? WTF, I hate you.
(Paraphrased conversation. Still makes me happy, though.)

Me & Grandpa! So glad I got to go down for a visit! <3 <3

For his birthday, we had a little party with some of Grandpa's good friends: two German women, Lucy and Rosa, and his next door neighbor, Willard. Willard is 94 years old and a total playboy. Loves to go dancing at the VFW, but doesn't know what to do with all the love-struck widows. True story.

We also watched a lot of basketball while we were down there because men and sports and U of M.

Anyway, that was my long weekend! 

Oh, yeah, and we listened to the Superbowl on various AM stations on our drive home. 

Also, we got a flat tire, because that's apparently how I roll driving home from Florida. (I'd link to the post, but I just realized I never blogged about Twinfest 2012...OMG.)

Happy Monday! Anything interesting happen for your Super weekend? 

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