i miss summer!

We had a beautiful day yesterday. Sunshine and blue skies and a high of around 67˚! And today it's (relatively) cold and dreary again. It's made even more anxious for summer! I don't ever remember being this eager for summer. 

Heck! I'm even looking forward to those horribly hot 90˚ days! 

Maybe this means I'm really a southern girl now? When it's 44˚ outside and that's just way too cold for me.

Thinking specifically of Twinfest 2013!


I had the same thought yesterday! Totally ready for some warmer weather.
Missy said…
Don't even talk to me with your 67 degree weather. (Yes, I'm grumpy.) we're in the middle of a two day ice storm and supposed to get another 4" or so of snow on top of that. I don't think I've seen temps above 36 in two months. (That may or may not be a SLIGHT exaggeration on my part. I'll never tell!)
Haha. You and all my family in Michigan. I'm SO not jealous. ;) But we'll have ours in the summer. It gets pretty unbearably hot.
The winter sun is tricking me. Because I think it's warm...and then I go outside.
Camille DiPaola said…
Oh, so do I. Sigh.

I cannot wait for some sun and some warm air!!!!!


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