February FAIL

Well, I was a TOTAL FAIL.

These were my February Resolutions. Did I succeed?

  1. Complete Frugal February without cheating. At all. 
    • NO. This one was such a big fail that I made a whole video about it. I'll post the link here as soon as I upload it.
  2. Do not skip Ladies' Bible Study. 
    • PARTIALLY. This was almost a success; I only skipped once! (Well, twice, actually. But that's because I joined a second bible study and skipped them both this past Tuesday. In my defense, I was doing taxes.)
  3. Do homework for Ladies' Bible Study. 
    • YES. Totally success. I did my homework for both bible studies!
  4. Go to the gym at least twice a week. 
    • NO. Hahaha. Total fail. I've been to the gym twice this month. And that's counting the time I plan on going tonight.
  5. Take Bella for a walk in the park at least twice a week. 
    • NO. Well, I just totally forgot about this resolution.
  6. Keep up with my daily cleaning schedule. 
    • PARTIALLY. I mostly kept up with my schedule.
  7. Do the dishes every night before bed except on Sunday.
    • PARTIALLY. Most nights, I did this. Some nights, I just decided to do it in the morning.
  8. Read "One Thousand Gifts."
    • NO. I don't regret failing this resolution. I will get to this book later after my bible studies are over.
  9. Edit those unedited weddings sitting on my hard drive. (Note: these are NOT photos I owe to clients.) 
    • PARTIALLY. I did go through a lot of these images, but not all.
  10. Get Mike something fab for his birthday!
    • YES. I got Mike some fancy shaving stuff that he loved. A nice badger brush, soap, and some fancy pre-shave oil that he really likes. He was super happy with his prezzie. :)
What did I learn:
  • I have GOT to keep my resolutions written down somewhere visible so I don't forget them. And maybe get myself a star chart... 
  • Starting a no-buy after I just earned a bunch of discretionary fund money was dumb. Especially when I knew exactly what I wanted to buy with the money (a Clarisonic).
  • I don't mind going to bed with a sink full of dishes...as long as I do them first thing in the morning.
  • I am SO lazy! I seriously need to get off my butt and get to the gym and take my dog to the park! (She does spend most of her day outside running around barking at pedestrians, squirrels  and neighbor dogs. And sniffing the occasional chicken butt.)
  • March will include many of the same resolutions because these are just habits I should have. (Bible study, gym, cleaning, etc).


Mary Heuser said…
I like the idea of doing small monthly resolutions.
Mary Heuser said…
IDEA! This is what I shall use my pretty notebook for.
Its definitely easier that yearly. I have a friend that does weekly
like! so far mine has been mostly used for tearing out pages so Davis can color in church. (I've been to Catholic church twice in the past month! Taking kids to Ash Wednesday and Lauren to her 1st Confession.)

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