Unchristmasing the house

I recently realized that I didn't really post any pictures of what Christmas looked like around the Kuechenmeister Haus this year. :(

Yesterday, as I was packing things away, I found myself in a picture taking mood and, thus, decided to do a post-Christmas post.

I'll just share all our holiday pretties as they get stowed away. :)

I only put out one of our Nativity sets this year (we have two) and the one I chose was our teeny tiny little set from Mexico. I should have taken a picture with one of the little guys in my hand so you could see their size! I think the largest piece might be an inch high? So adorable!

Also, I keep a lot of my ornaments just tossed into grocery bags. I'm fancy like that.

Why yes, that is a bright blue and pink carousel horse! Doesn't go with the decor, but it goes on the tree each year. (It's a gift from +Mary Heuser.)

Bella is sad to see Christmas going. Just kidding. She's thrilled to be getting her chair back in it's normal spot.

All of my Christmasy decor, other than the trees, fits into those two storage boxes.

Part of me feels like I should be a better Christmas decorator. But, then again, everything you put out you have to also take down. And while decorating for Christmas is fun, undecorating is just an annoying chore.

Despite the undecorating dislikeage, I'm still thinking about what I can do to decorate for other holidays. I love the cute little wreaths that a lot of people put on their doors for Valentines Day, Easter, Fall, etc. But wreaths don't really go with my door. I guess I could put them inside the house.

Do you have seasonal decorations for the rest of the year? Any suggestions for me?


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