Sunday, January 6, 2013

Temptalia 2013 Editor's Choice Awards

Temptalia is one of my new go-to websites that I discovered last year. By "discovered" I mean that Stargirl had been telling me about it for ages and I finally visited it. And became addicted.

It's such a helpful site for reviews of high-end and budget brands. See, I love reading about high-end skin care and makeup, but I can't generally afford it. Or, rather, I'm happy with $5 eyeshadow and don't (yet!) see a reason to buy a $50 eye shadow.

The Temptalia 2013 Editor's Choice Awards were recently announce. I definitely recommend checking them out! It's giving me ideas for new things I want to try.

I'm especially looking forward to checking out some of the budget winners. NYX and Milani products are on my list. Also, I think I'll give the L'Oreal Nail Laquer another try. :)

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