Friday, January 25, 2013

So Much Pretty: What I wore to Imaging USA 2013

I was thrilled to have spend the past few days at Imaging USA in Atlanta. It's the annual Professional Photographers of America conference. The conference wasn't about fashion at all...but that doesn't mean I didn't carefully pick out my outfits specifically for a SMP post! There are several "What I wore to WPPI" posts, but not many for PPA! So, here's what I wore:

Saturday: leather & Lace: I was so excited to finally be wearing this outfit! Wearing a leather skirt is definitely a little out there for me, so I softened up the look by adding my floral tights and lavender lace cardigan.

You can tell these photos were taken when we first got to our hotel room because there isn't a bunch of crap all over the place! Four girls in a room can get pretty crowded!

Outfit details: Cardigan from Target ($15), white shirt from American Eagle (via thrift store, $3), leather skirt from thrift store ($5), floral tights from Target ($5), boots from Target ($20), necklace from Kate Spade ($80).

Sunday: more floral and lace. Unlike the previous day, I wore my lace on my legs and my floral on my top. Meet my sweet friend Tesha in the background of photo #1 (getting ready for the rockin' WHCC Pro party). And please forgive my windswept bangs in photo #2 (with roomie Kathy in the background).

I had been trying to think of another way to wear my blazer and was inspired to wear this while pinning for different "floral blazer" outfits. I actually had bare legs during the day but added tights for warmth when we went out for the evening.

Outfit details: Blazer from Dillard's ($25), belted dress from TJ Maxx ($15), tights from Ann Taylor ($7), boots from Target ($20), necklace from Kate Spade ($80).

The two full-length photos were taken by my friend and talented photography Kathy Duncan.
Monday: stripes & spots. The first time I wore this dress, it was a warm day and I didn't need any layering. However, I knew I'd need something to keep me warm in Atlanta so I added a cardigan. I don't know if pairing stripes and polka dots is breaking any fashion rules, but I really loved how these two pieces looked together.

This dress is a major win. Polka dots? Check. Silky texture? Check. Adorable bow belt? Check. Perfect length for my legs? Check. Unfortunately, it has no pockets. But it has a really cute back that I'll show off when it gets warmer outside.

Outfit details: Cardigan from Plato's Closet (probably $10), belted dress from Dillard's ($17), ballet flats from Rack Room Shoes ($20), necklace from Kate Spade ($80).

Tuesday, not pictured. I wore wide legged jeans & a cute top during the day and my Kirna Zabete dress to the closing party at the Georgia Aquarium.

Thoughts on my IUSA13 outfits:
  • I wish I had brought some warmer clothes because on Tuesday a cold front came through and I about froze. (No photos from Tuesday btw because I forgot.)
  • I almost didn't bring my ballet flats and I'm very grateful that I did. After going out dancing on Saturday night and the WHCC Pro party on Sunday night (both in my wedges), I was very very happy to slip into some flats on Monday.
  • Loved bringing my backpack because it's cute AND practical. It holds an awful lot of stuff without hurting my shoulders. I brought a water bottle with me everywhere I went.
  • Stopping by the CPS (Canon Professional Services) booth for a lanyard is a must when they're handing out Nikon lanyard to everyone. BOO! ;)


The guy behind the lens said...

I love the mix your floral blazer with a white lace dress. Also the dots and stripes make for some great pattern mixing. The combination of leather and lace is only made better by the fact that you scored both pieces at a thrift store.This post to me really seems to illustrate the shifts and growth of your own personal style.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

You say that because you don't see the days in between when I'm wearing jeans, t-shirt, and keds. ;) Haha. But actually, I really appreciate your comments! I am trying to find new combinations that make me feel creative, comfortable, and confident. And, seriously? Best thrift store finds EVER. ;)


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