Review: Kiss Featherlight Nail Kit

Want to know a secret? I LOVE drugstore fake nails! They've come a loooong way since Lee Press-On nails! They look good and they are so easy to do at home! I've tried other Kiss nails, but never the Featherlight line. So, when I saw these for two bucks at Ross I snatched them up!

The nails fit and looked beautiful, but they barely lasted more than 24 hours! I had done my nails on Saturday night and by Sunday dinner, two of my nails had popped off! :(

This was especially annoying since the box claimed "stronger, longer wear." I will say that my last set of Kiss nails lasted a lot longer than these ones.

Aside from the nails on my nails already, this is everything that was in the box. I feel like there is a lack in variety of nail sizes and the mini-emery board is missing.

By Monday, my left hand nails still looked great.

But my right hand nails...not so much.

On Sunday night, my pointer finger nail chipped and my thumb & pinky nails popped off. I glued those back on.

On Monday, while cleaning, my nails accidentally knocked a drawer while I was pulling it open.  Explaination: it is one of those slow opening/closing drawers and we don't have pulls on them yet, so you have to grasp the sides and pull. My hand slipped and my nails knocked the drawer.

It didn't hit hard enough to hurt at all, so you can imagine my surprised when I realized it had knocked off 1.5 of my nails!

I ended up peeling off the rest of my nails. They came off very easily which made me glad I was taking them off. I had a party that night and didn't want to be embarrassed by my nails falling off all night. :(

Bottom line:
I don't know if it was faulty glue, a bad batch, or if the Featherlight line is just poor quality. I'll still buy Kiss Nails again, but I'll stay away from the Featherlight line. If I had to pick between ultra-thin nails or nails that stay put--its a no-brainer.

Have you ever tried fake nails? Got a brand to recommend? Let me know in the comments!


I use press-on's if I want fake nails...I have no patience for the big thick ones you pay lots of money for. Between my clumsiness & my contacts, having fake nails is only cute for about 2 days and then I want them off! Haha.
Oh, the ones I usually get aren't a lot of money. The only difference between these and press-ons are that you have to put the glue on instead of it already being there. I think Kiss nails are usually $6 or $7? But I really want to try some of those Impress press-on nails!

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