January 2013 Julep Maven Box, Classic With A Twist

I always opt-out for the monthly Julep box. I've been meaning to cancel my subscription (I really only wanted the cheap intro box) but I keep forgetting. Well, I ended up not opting out of the January box by accident. Oops! Silver lining--I got a box of prezzies on New Year's Eve!

Let me throw in here that I posted a YouTube video reviewing the products. This posted is an updated review. More thought out--you know?

The Classic With A Twist (my Maven style profile) box contained two nail polishes, three hair ties, the Hand & Cuticle Stick, and a sheet of swatch stickers.

My two colors were Grace & Madison. Grace is described as a "classic 'go-to' light pink sheer" and Madison is described as an "electric neon hot pink crème." Each color had a swatch sticker on top. (See video as how to swatch the stickers that are affixed to the caps.)

My initial thoughts were that I'd love Madison and hate Grace.

Madison was more of a neon coral than a hot pink. It took three coats to get opaque and needed a topcoat for a super-shiny finish. I liked it, but it wasn't what I expected. I don't know how often I'll wear it...especially since it looks traffic-cone-orange when I'm wearing my sunglasses.

Grace was the surprising winner for me. I don't usually go for sheer pinks. I like them in theory, but I've never been able to find one that I liked. This one, I love. It really will be my go-to color neutral. I like it best with three coats. It dries rather shiny, so a top coat ins't necessary.

Both colors dried rather quickly. This is particularly important for me because I will typically wreck my nails if they take too long to dry.

When I first opened the box, the first product I sampled was the Hand and Cuticle Stick. I had just removed some fake nails that had left my nails looking pretty damaged. I rubbed some of this on and it made them look like completely undamaged! Even late that night after the oil would have worn off, they still looked great.

While the stick is really moisturizing, it's kind of weird to use. I prefer a more liquidy lotion. It's just a preference thing. This would definitely come in handy when traveling because it's not a liquid. You don't have to 3-1-1 this!

All in all, I'm quite happy with this box. I'm glad that I didn't opt out! It was a nice New Year's Eve treat. :)

Grace nail polish: $14 ($11.20)
Madison nail polish: $14 ($11.20)
Hand and Cuticle stick: $22 ($17.60)
Box value: $50 (Maven prices: $40)

Box price: $19.99

If you decide to sign up for Julep, would you use my invitation link? Try the codes "COLOR2012" or "PENNY" to get you first box for only a penny.

***Congrats to lizfigler for winning the Fresh Sugar Kisses giveaway!! If you didn't win, you can always become a Beauty Insider and get your own prezzie from Sephora. Hey, maybe they'll accidentally give you two birthday gifts too!***


Lexilooo said…
Oh I love it - can't wait to try Grace! I can't remember the second color I got with January...but I had ordered a few add-ons, and one was Jodie, which I am wearing now!I think I will stick with Julep for a few more months at least, and see how it goes...my recent nail polish obsession began with birchbox, as they have sent several polishes too!
I really love Julep because I'm guaranteed full-size items instead of sample sized. And because you can pick which box you want before they send them out! And because you have the option to opt-out if you don't want a box that month.

I did just subscribe to Ipsy...my first sample box! So we'll see how that goes. :)

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