Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Haul: Target + Neiman Marcus Collection

Oh, the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection. I remember walking into Target and seeing the Jason Wu and Marchesa dresses for little girls and I just died. So so so pretty. Then I peeked at the prices. OMG. The Jason Wu dress was $60 and the Marchesa dress was $100!

My sister told me that a lot of the pieces were sold out on the Neiman Marcus website, but Target shoppers aren't used to paying Neiman Marcus prices. That's why there were plenty of items still on the racks. I knew I just could not wait until the items went on clearance. I just had to hope that there would be some left for me.

Well, items are 50% off on and a whopping 70% off at my local Target! And there is still a lot of items available. So, I just have to share my little Target + Neiman Marcus haul. :)

Skaist-Taylor Kid's Hat (Regular price $39.99, I paid $19.99.)
Mike and I saw this when we were in Michigan for Christmas. I tried it on because it was silly and he actually really liked it! We decided to get it. It's so ridiculous, but I love it more each time I wear it! It's really warm AND at the end of the scarfy bits, are little pockets to keep your hands warm. :)

Jason Wu Girl's Printed Dress (Regular price $59.99, I paid $17.98.)
THIS. It's the Jason Wu dress I fell in love with. I decided to be that girl who bought clothes for a daughter she might never have. I don't have anything purchased for possible future children. No books, toys, etc. But this dress is limited edition AND seventy-percent off! I grabbed a 12 month sized dress and it's just sooo adorable. It comes with little matching bloomers, too!

Carolina Herrera Stationery Set (Regular price $19.99, I paid. $5.98)
One of my reasons for going to Target was because I needed a little note pad. These aren't quite what I had in mind, but I snagged them anyway! The paper is nice and thick and the fabric covers are gorgeous. It's the perfect size to toss in my purse. :)

Jason Wu Ornaments - Set of 3 (Regular price $49.99, I paid $14.98.)
I must just love Jason Wu's style, because I also fell in love with these ornaments. But I just couldn't pay $50 for the set. Again, seeing that they were $15, I knew they'd be on my tree next year. I showed Mike and he really like them. They are gorgeous and elegant.

Thom Browne Women's Blazer (Regular price $129.99, I paid $38.98.)
I was waffling on this blazer. It's very cool, but I wasn't sure what I would wear it with. I ended up purchasing it and hoping I could make it work. By the time I got home, I was really excited about the blazer! Well, I tried it on with several different items and it just doesn't look that great on me. So, it's back to the store with this one. Too bad because it really is gorgeous!

I should add that this haul is courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law who got me a Target gift card for Christmas! Thanks, Colleen. <3

Did anyone else get anything from the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection?

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