Review: Addictive Cosmetics vegan mineral eye shadows and FixIt setting spray {indie cosmetics companies}

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some wonderful makeup from Etsy cosmetics company, Addictive Cosmetics. Amber, owner of Addictive Cosmetics, has been a makeup artist for over 10 years and has always loved makeup. After trying to find makeup that was not only good for your skin but also affordable, Amber decided to try her hand at making her own cosmetics. Her products are all natural and non-comedogenic.

Amber sent me several eyeshadow samples, three full-sized eyeshadows, a highlighter sample, and her primer/setting spray, FixIt.

Packaging: The samples were packed in some very pretty tissue paper, but I think Addictive Cosmetics would benefit from a few more professional touches such as custom printed labels.

FixIt is a "100% All Natural Vegan Eye Primer and Face Makeup Setting Spray." At $5.99 for a tiny bottle, this is very pricy even when compared to Mac Fix+ ($10/1.0 fl oz). However, I really really wanted to enjoy this product. Unfortunately, I don't have many nice things to say about this product.
  • Eyeshadow primer: On the good side, I thought that FixIt spray definitely made the shadows show up better. Brighter and bolder and YAY! However, Addictive Cosmetics claim that FixIt will make shadows less likely to crease and I did not find this to be the case. After just a few hours, my eyelids were crease city!
  • Makeup setting spray: No way. This made my face sticky and tacky! The tackiness didn't go away, not for hours. And, yes, I left it on for hours hoping the feeling would fade. It didn't. It wasn't refreshing, it was just uncomfortable.
Bottom line: Great for swatching eyeshadows. Not great for much else.

This is Shimmy. The info Addictive Cosmetics sent me advertised it as a highlighter, but I found it on her shop as a bronzer. It is shimmery, so I would only recommend this bronzer if you like shimmer. (Which I do!)

Okay, now for the eyeshadow swatches. The review of the shadows will be at the end. :)
From top to bottom: Sugarshack, Nude, Egyptian, and Foxy Brown.
From top to bottom: Starry night, Lily, and Envy
From top to bottom: Sailor, Camo, and Punky Pink.
Augh! How gorgeous are all these eyeshadows? SO dang pretty! I loved all the shadows and thought they were fabulously pigmented. With a good eyeshadow primer, these shadows will wear all day without any creasing. Addictive Cosmetics eyeshadows can be blended out for a more subtle look or packed on for a more bold look.

Some specifics: I experienced fallout with Envy and the gold glitters ended up on my cheeks. Camo is a fabulous color and is perfect for anyone wanting a touch of Emerald this year.

Addictive Cosmetics has a wide range of beautiful colors and I would definitely recommend these product. The shadows are $4.99 for one 5 gram pot of loose shadow or $13.99 for certain eyeshadow trios.

I wish I had written down which colors I was wearing here, but I forget. I think I'm wearing Nude and maybe Egyptian. I chose those colors because this was my first time wearing this eyeshadow with the FixIt spray and I wasn't sure whether or not the colors would crease. Those are NOT creases that you see, just my wrinkly eyelids. Unfortunately, I took a bad picture with bad lighting and the it doesn't give an accurate representation.

However in this photo, you can clearly see the creasing on my lid. This photo was not taken that evening, it was taken just a few hours later. **Sadface**

For this look, I used Nude and Camo. I blended the Camo out quite a bit to give me a more subtle green. I used this with a different brand of eyeshadow primer and it lasted all day.

Bottom line: Great shadows if you wear a reliable primer. Long lasting and pigmented shadows. Some fallout when there is glitter involved.

Amber at Addictive Cosmetics makes some beautiful eyeshadows that are definitely worth checking out! Addictive Cosmetics also offers liquid eyeliners, glitter shadows, brow filler and lipgloss and soon you will also be able to purchase mineral foundations, blushes, bronzers and highlighters.

Also, Addictive Cosmetics is having a sale! For the remainder of January, you can buy three eyeshadows/eyeliners and get one FREE! Not sure what colors you want? For $4.99, you can pick three different colors to sample.

Aside from her Etsy page, you can also find Amber on FacebookTwitter and at

Have you ever tried eyeshadow from any Etsy cosmetics shop? Let me know your thoughts!

Disclaimer: This review contains samples were sent to me by the brand. I have never been paid for a review and I always give my honest and unbiased opinion. 


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