Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pre-birthday shopping

Happy Birthday, Stargirl! I just couldn't help myself. ^_^ If you think I'm being offensive, you don't know our dynamic well enough.

Stargirl came down today so we could do some pre-birthday shopping. Unfortunately, our birthday this year falls on the same day we were born, a Wednesday. Since we don't live in the kind of society that gives you several days off just because it is your birthday, we have to celebrate on days that are not our birthday. Which is fine, really, because it makes your birthday last longer. :) 

Our day started off at Target where I had to take this picture. Again with the belted jeans? What is this, JCPenney circa 2002-2003?

We wandered around positively swooning over the Neiman Marcus + Target line and searched for the perfect backpack for moi.

We also went to the terrible terrible shopping center that is Greenridge. I'd avoid it, but its home to the only Off Broadway, Charming Charlie, and Ulta in town. So, unavoidable. Longest time spent? Definitely at Ulta. I ended up buying an eye cream. My first eye cream. Makes me feel kinda old...but at the same time, I'm really hoping it works.

Also, can you see? I got bangs! Got them Thursday and I just love them. They make me feel cool. I know that's super lame to say, but they do.

Somewhere between Barnes & Noble and Ulta, Mary had to take this picture of a #nekkid mannequin in the Loft display.

I wish I could wear a tiara everyday, but since that isn't really done, I figure I should invest in a few really fabulous sparkly headbands. But I can't help but try on tiaras. I really can't.

We ended with the mall. Where she got a fur vest for her birthday and I got a "parisian inspired" backpack. I'll have to post some pictures maybe next weekend. We also got these free lippies from Sephora. Which makes me wonder...what other birthday freebies can I hope for? Anyone know of current birthday freebies? I'm seeing a LOT of lists that include Borders....and something tells me those are out of date. ;) 


Mary Heuser said...

I'm wearing my vest today! I wore it yesterday, too! It's too cool, I just can't help it!!!

WILL post pics tonight. Swears it.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

And email/dropbox me the pix from my house.


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