12-12-12 birthday

I really wanted to have a party on my 28th birthday because it fell on 12/12/12. But I also didn't want to plan it. But I'm also a control freak sometimes. So, this was difficult.

Eventually, I promised Mike that I wouldn't say anything else about it.

Then, I told him that if I was to have a party, I'd want family, Anne Marie & Steven.

Then I learned that Dad was planning something for Sunday following my birthday.

And THEN I stopped talking about it.

I knew that my dad was planning a birthday shin-dig because he asked me about my availability. Despite my wishes for a 12/12/12 birthday party, I was pretty sure that would be it.

Maybe Mike and I might have a nice dinner together at home. Since I had pre-birthday shopping, post-birthday party, and a very very busy husband (with work, community, church, etc), I was quite content with that.

On my birthday, I called Mike on my way home from work. Our usual conversation is, "Hey, so, what do you want for dinner?" "Oh, I dunno, whatever." Today, I added, "I just don't want leftovers. Or soup." Mike said he'd figure something out and we hung up.

He called me right back and said that maybe I could stop by Whole Foods to get some yummy meat & cheeses for dinner? And, really, I love doing that. Fancy cheeses, delicious meats, some fresh bread, olives and wine? YUM. So, that would be a nice low-key birthday dinner.

BUT, I was still slightly hopeful. I couldn't help myself! On my way home, I kept telling myself, "There is nothing going on. There is nothing going on." Because I had wishful thinking that Mike might have planned me something. But I didn't want to get my hopes up and come home disappointed.

So, I got home and suspicious thing: Mike was looking out the door (our door has glass panes) which he is NEVER doing. Mike is always sitting on the couch when I get home.

I shrugged it off because, duh. No cars were there.

I grab my bags and go inside. Suspicious that the living room is tidy, but, then, the sink is still full of dishes. So, less suspicious.

After some chatting, I go to drop my purse off in my bedroom and then I screamed.

Leo, Jade, Adrienne, and Steven are in there! There's a Happy Birthday banner on my bed and everyone had noise makers and party hats. ^_^

Thank you x 100 to my wonderful husband for my little surprise party. It was perfect.

Go here to see all my birthday pictures (as well as other holiday snapshots).


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