So Much Pretty: Hello Kitty dress

When I started So Much Pretty, I was hoping that it would encourage me to dress more creatively. And by that I mean, pushing my boundaries and dressing outside of my comfort zone. Today, I did just that.

The dress and boots are brand new purchases.

The dress isn't my style. It's got that elastic-y, scrunch-y waist (not my style) and a pattern that I might not have normally gone for. also had Hello Kitty all over it. And it was on clearance for $10.48. Um, yes please! 

These boots are not my style. I have never even wanted anything but calf length books. And pretty calf length boots. So why am I all of a sudden trying on black combat boots that aren't even on sale? I don't know.

I even wore the boots out once, walking gently with the tags tucked in, because I wasn't sure I'd want to keep them. But one wear had me convinced. I love these boots! I've worn them three days in a row. First day, I wore them just under jeans, just to get a feel. Second day, I wore them with red skinnies (wish I had pictures!). Third day is today.

Here are some of the details. You can see the Hello Kitty pattern that is all over the dress and the stamped belt. Adorable! A close up of the boots that are so not me. 

This outfit is a quintessential So Much Pretty outfit because it is so out there from my regular t-shirt and jeans. Despite that, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Not physically or, like, self-consciously.

Maybe it was because everything was so physically comfortable? Maybe it was because the puff sleeves take me back to my Filipino roots? Maybe it's because these boots are vaguely reminiscent of my dad's flight boots? Maybe it's because I was destined to have pink legs? Who knows.

Oh yes, the dress has pockets. And because the dress is loose, you can actually put things in the pockets. WINNING.

Cardigan: NY&Co
Dress: Hello Kitty® @ Target
Tights: Old Navy
Boots: Mossimo® @ Target


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