How people find "In Pursuit"

In the past month, this is how people have found my blog:

Okay, most of them make sense. Everyone is OBSESSED with the Giraffe Cam (1&4). Makeup & clothes are always big hits (3, 5, 7 & 8).  Count it all joy is a popular phrase (2).

I have no idea who on Earth does a Google search for "seagulls pooping." But, it turns out that, if you do, you'll find this image:

As for the cats? I don't get that and couldn't even attempt to explain it! 


Missy said…
Hmm, didn't you take a few pictures a long time ago of some cute kittens that were born near your back porch? Or was that some other batch of animals? I can't remember for sure. But I think you ended the post by going back inside to finish cooking your supper. Why this stuck in my head, I will never know.
You have an amazing memory. There used to be adorable feral kittens that would sit by the sliding back door if left the curtain open. And one time, we made some amazing spaghetti sauce. So those two things may have happened at the same time?
And maybe I blogged about it? :)
Nope. Found the post. Had nothing about cooking.

It is a mystery.