Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday random bits

Another photography blog linked to this and I just loved the whole series. Hilarious and creative!

I was blessed to be second shooting with the fabulous Olivia Griffin this past Saturday and she was wearing this adorable necklace. Definitely a WANT. :)

Obviously a Pinterest find, right? But since Mike and I have a surplus of mason jars, this might be a great idea!

BorrowLenses linked to this article on their facebook page and the photographs are phenomenal. WOW.

And last but not least, Thriller by Michael Jackson. I'm currently learning how to do the dance and it's actually very complicated to do it accurately. But hey, I wouldn't expect anything less from the King of Pop.

1 comment:

Stargirl said...

What are you learning to dance to Thriller for? That's pretty awesome. Video tape it


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