FREE Julep intro box

So, I just signed up for one of many beauty boxes. This one is called Julep and it's more nail-centric. You pay $19.99 each month and they send you "trendsetting new nail colors, cult faves and cutting-edge beauty products that are just right for you."

I normally wouldn't have signed up, but I found a coupon code to get my first Julep box for FREE (plus $3.99 shipping).

Here's how it works:

1) Go to Julep.

2) Take the style quiz so they know what kind of nail polish to send you.

3) Sign up for your box. Don't forget to enter in the code COLOR2012 to get your discount!

From what I've read from other bloggers, it's a cinch to cancel if you decide it's not for you. I'm not so sure that I'll be happy to pay $19.99 a month for nail polish, but I'm okay paying $3.99 for the first month! :)

Please use my Julep affiliate link or enter 5773999 manually when you sign up. I'll get "Jules" when you sign up using my link....but not sure what I'll be able to do with those yet! ;)


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