Another steam of consciousness (e.g. the worst kind of blog post)

So, I was thinking just now that I know I need a blog post that is more than some silly picture or a cute pair of earrings I saw at a craft fair. But there is so much to say and, at the same time, nothing at all to say.

Business has been good. God has seriously been blessing our businesses. Supergreen much more so than Tiffany Anne Photography, but since Mike is the breadwinner, I'm okay with that.

Last year, I did two weddings as the primary (FREE) photographer and had three (paid) second shootings jobs. So far this year, I've got 17 that I've done or will do here in the next few weeks (8 primary, 8 second photographer, 1 photographer's assistant). That's a big leap from last year and I'm thrilled and grateful.

I'm also seriously addicted to learning. I've got a two-inch binder that is chock full of "books" that I've purchased online (you get a PDF that you have to print off). The books are spendy, but so worth it. I'm currently doing a book to amp up the writing on my site. Next, I think I'll review my business plan.

More learning: workshops. I'm going to Imaging USA in January, and the PPNC Western Seminar. My last SB workshop is right around the corner. I was SO blessed to be the winner of that seat and, my goodness, what a huge help it has been!

I'm excited about the PPNC workshop this weekend because I get to see Stargirl's new apartment! Oh yeah, and Stargirl. ;-)

Oh, bummer thing happened though: bought another Minolta x-700 and shot two rolls of film on it. All of one roll was blank and the majority of the 2nd roll was blank. It feels not right when I'm advancing the, not sure what's happening here. I'm thinking about investing in a film camera that I can use with my expensive lenses. We'll see. I'd really like the Canon EOS 1V ($1,699 for a FILM camera?!?) but I'll probably definitely get a cheaper one.

I thought this post was going to end up being about more, but, as it turns out, I'm just really obsessed with photography lately. So I guess that's what you get.

If you read all my these rambles, thanks. Maybe the next one will be an equally deep stream of consciousness...maybe about how much I love to get my arms waxed. Because, truthfully, I love that an awful lot.


Stargirl said…
I like these kind of posts!
Mary Heuser said…
You should do a post on how to take decent pictures of your outfit and/or makeup with a cell phone camera :D
Missy said…
I like these posts, too. Let's me know what you're really thinking about. Or at least a tiny part of what you're really thinking about.

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