so much pretty: day three??

Okay, so, I knew that if my hair held any kind of curl this morning, I would have to share. So, this is day three. I brushed my hair with a paddle brush and boar bristle brush right before these pictures. And, as you can see, the right side of my hair (your left) held the curl the best. That's were all my layers are. Don't even ask me why my hair has layers only on one side. My new stylist and I are currently trying to fix this.

Lest you think these are some kind of super curl that will withstand anything, let me tell you that I did shower right after these photos. Any my hair is still curly. Just kidding. No it's not. I've got my standard post-shower frizz going on.

Anyway, while the curling wand takes some getting used to, I am definitely sold on using this tool. Granted, your milage may vary, depending on your hair's ability to hold a curl.

Example: Lauren's hair cannot hold a curl well. I curled her hair, with the wand set to its lowest possible temperature (256º, I think). It took to the curls well and looked really pretty. Until she spend all afternoon outside in the humidity. Then pretty much all her curls fell.

My hair was curled at the highest possible temperature (410º) and I spent most of my time inside. Even with the time that I did spend outside, well, we're not experiencing much humidity right now, so I was safe. Also, my hair holds curls from heat fairly well.

Day 1 and Day 2.


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