so much pretty: day 2

So, you'll recall yesterday's post included some fabulous curly hair. Well, I just had to share how my hair looked on day two.

Now let me take you through the timeline real quick:
Sunday, 3pm-ish: Curled hair. Did NOT use hairspray. Brushed it out after curling it.
11pm-ish: Brushed hair with a boar bristle brush. Went to bed.
8pm-ish: Woke up. Brushed hair w/ paddle brush (to de-tangle) then a boar bristle brush.
----cleaned house, lunch with girl friends, picked up kids, homework, sat outside for an hour during swim practice---
7pm-ish: Brushed hair w/ boar bristle brush. Took these pictures.

As you can see, I didn't really do anything to encourage these curls to stay. I didn't apply any hairspray or product. I didn't baby my hair. In fact, with all that brushing, I was practically begging the curls to leave. Not really...I just hate how curly hair tangles so easily. Also, I want to see if my new brush really does distribute oils.

I am so super impressed with the way my hair held these curls even after all that sleeping on 'em and brushing them out.

My hair generally holds a curl pretty well. But it always falls out by the end of the day...certainly while I sleep! So, if you have the kind of hair that doesn't hold a curl, I would suggest trying it out. :)
Oh, and for the record, these pictures are completely unedited. I just shot jpegs (instead of RAW) in Auto mode. This is for my sister who wanted to know the the previous photos accurately represented my hair color.


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