Hawaiian Topic Silk Hydration lotion sunscreen in 30 SPF | Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox2012

Retails at $8.99 for 6ox bottle. Available in SPF 12, 30, and 50. [image source]
I'll start right off the bat and tell you that I didn't have high expectations for this lotion.

And then, after typing that, I'm realizing, wow. Second review for the items in my Influenster VoxBox that I wasn't expecting to be all that great. What a negative nancy, am I right?


I showered yesterday post-work, pre-fourth-of-july-party and I used my new Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo and conditioner. (That review is coming later.) I usually lotion up with Suave Natural Oatmeal Body Lotion, it's just what I picked up last time I needed lotion because it was cheap and I liked the "natural oatmeal" bit.

I decided to use my new Hawaiian Tropic, but because I'm all crazy-like, I decided to do the right half of my body in Hawaiian Tropic lotion sunscreen and the left have with my regular Suave lotion.

The first thing I noticed right off the bat it the nice smell of the Hawaiian Tropic lotion. It's a nice subtle fragrance that I can't really place. Influenster calls it a "tropical fragrance stimulates your senses for the ultimate sun-in experience."

The Suave lotion didn't have a scent. Now, for people with fragrance sensitivities, that might be preferable. But I like to smell pretty. :)

I really liked the consistency of both lotions. Not too runny and not to thick, just right.

I preferred the pump of the Suave lotion. It just makes things easier and I just prefer my beauty with pumps. My face lotion, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner all have pumps, just to name a few.

Another plus for the Hawiian Tropic lotion was that it was an sunscreen. I never buy face lotion without at least 15SPF, but I've never bought body lotion with any SPF. I don't want to wear sunscreen everyday because that will make me super jealous that I'm not at the beach. The Hawaiian Tropic lotion  has 30SPF and does NOT smell all sunscreen-y. Definite plus!

Okay, final factor. The one that is a make or break deal for me: touch.

Holy moly, I had no idea that I've been using such sticky lotion for so long! I love soft touch sunscreen and bug spray because feeling sticky bothers me. I guess I always assumed it was just a lotion thing?

The Hawaiian Tropic lotion feels so good on my skin. I lotion up about 15 hours ago. One Fourth of July party and 8 hours of sleep later, and my Suave arm still feel sticky! My Hawaiian Tropic half of me doesn't feel any less moisturized then the other side.

So, in the battle of the lotions, the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration lotion sunscreen won by a land slide.

Scent: Hawaiian Tropic
Consistency: Tie
Packaging: Suave
SPF: Hawaiian Tropic
Touch: Hawaiian Tropic

I think I'm going to pick up a bottle in 12SPF to wear as my everyday lotion.

P.S. I received the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30 as well as the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo and conditioner in my Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox. I got a whole box full of FREE products to test and review. Check out the whole contents of my VoxBox here. And go to Influenster to sign up!