The one in which I talk about my dog. A lot.

On Monday, I won a PetSmart gift card from work, so my sweet little Bella got this adorable tee that I've had my eye on. She loves it and jumped up and down when she saw me come home with new doggy clothes.

I'm SO not kidding. She's such a girly girl. A girly girl, that is, who eats grass, chews sticks, and rolls around in the dirt.

Tuesday, Bella and I had a great run at our downtown park. We did a total of 4.13 miles in about 65minutes. Minus 5-10 minutes for playing around. And let me tell dog actually jumped in the water.

My dog.

Who hates water.

What made her do this? Well, obviously, there were DUCKS WHO NEEDED CHASING!!!

She chased them into the water and then stood at the edge, watched them for a moment, and then jumped in after them! I was like, "Woo! Yay, Bella!" And then she immediately regretted her decision.

[Seriously, if she could talk, I thinks that what she would have said.]

So, she swam right back to the bank. She thought about hopping in once or twice again, but never did. Either way, I was pretty excited.

I took her to the park especially hoping that she would get in the water. And she did!!

So, maybe we'll try again next week. I want to go up to my parents' house or some nearby lake so I can coax her in the water with positive reinforcement and show her how fun it can be.

Today, Mike and I had a BYO dinner at the park with our Shepherding Group (of course, we brought Bella). And as we were leaving, I said, "Wanna get some ice cream?" Which, to my shock, he said he would like to get ice cream. Oooh, such a nice treat. :)

And the kind folks over at Bruster's gave Bella a FREE puppy sundae. It was just a little scoop ice cream with a milk bone on top. Bella wasn't too sure about it at first, but she gobbled it up after some inspection.

So, there you have it. Three days of fun times with Bella. Tomorrow, she'll be coming to work with me to show off her new tee shirt. I'd tell you how excited she is, but she's passed out from all the excitement.

Yeah, my dog is my baby. So what? ;)


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