Music Monday: Call Me Maybe

So, on our way from Folly to the hotel, I wanted to listen to Call Me Maybe. I was going to look for it on Rdio, but ended up playing something else. And then, do you know what happened?

Okay, well, if you've never been to Folly, you might not know there there is only one way in and out. This means traffic. Always. In fact, you can check into "Stuck in traffic" on FourSquare.

Anyway, we were puttering along when I hear some loud music coming from a car in the next lane just one car back. When they pull up next to us, some guys are leaning out and singing Call Me Maybe at the top of their lungs to me. So hilarious!

Also, Mike says this is a dumb song. I don't even care. ;)


Livewire said…
You know what's disturbing? I actually enjoy this song. It's all Greg and Christine's fault.
fraukuech said…
that's okay, because this song is amazing. terribly, but fantastic all at the same time

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