work, complaining, and photos of my dog

It's been quite a while since I last sat down and wrote a blog post. Like a *real* blog post. Something more than a few sentences or a few photos.

There is so much going on. I've re-written this start of the blog several times because I'm not sure what to write about!

Not me. #1: I use a mac. #2: I wish I had that cocktail ring. ;) I just added this photo because I felt like this space really needed it. [source]

Shoot. I just spend a several minutes blogging and sharing with you all about my new job. Only come to find out that I already told you about it.

Let me say something, however, that I didn't say before. God wonderfully and amazingly provided me with this job. When it was decided that I'd start job searching, this was the first one I applied to. And it was the only one I applied to that I thought would be more than just a job but something I might actually enjoy doing.

After all, I was applying for the position of social media manager.

I used to scour the internet trying to find something where someone would hire me to do social media because I thought it would be cool. And now, at the right time, God dropped it in my lap!

I love interacting with our clients online. I get a total sense of pride seeing our Facebook stats increase. I love learning how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

And you know what else is really cool?


We have bring your dog to work day! In fact, that's every day! Ace, my boss's one year old lab mix comes to work every day. Everyone else takes turns bringing in their pups. For Bella's first day of work, she got a new dress. (Yes, I'm that much of a dog person.)

I'll be honest. My job is not always my favorite thing. Or, specifically, certain aspects of my job are not always my favorite. Which, I suppose is normal. Unfortunately, I can be a bit of a complainer. I have been known to come home and complain about my job. To complain about it with my friends.

But you know what? Shame on me! I am lucky to have a job at all, let alone one that let's me bring my dog (among other nice perks).

Whenever I feel like complaining, I remind myself that this is exactly where God wants me to be. When I complain, I'm saying that he's doing it wrong. Yikes!

I think my problem is just selfishness. I get in the zone and the phone rings, interrupting my work. Just like I can get selfish at work with the kiddos. (Say for instance, when the kids are like, miss tiffany, come play outside with us! and I'm like ugh. it is so hot and sweaty outside. And, by the way, we played outside today on the neighbor's monster swing. It was totally fun.)

It's not enough to just keep my mouth shut and my complaints to myself! I need to keep the complaints out of not only my mouth, but my heart as well. I keep reminding myself that kind of thing isn't something I can do alone. I feel like I've said these types of things for so long now but I'm only finally, in my heart, realizing what they mean in action.

Gosh. Longest blog in a while, huh? All this rambling to say that God has been teaching me a lot lately. 

With any luck, I'll remember to blog again next week with something other than a photo of last nights dinner. I mean, fingers crossed.

In the mean time, let me leave you with these photos of Bella and Ace taken at work yesterday. 

The love to wrestle. Though, eventually, my four-year-old pup gets a bit tired of the twice-her-size-one-year-old lab and starts telling him to back off. He just lays next to her and paws at her. Ready to play yet, Bella?


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