so much pretty: another work outfit

I wish I would remember to take SMP photos everyday. I've been wearing some cute outfits, but all I have to share with you is this one from a few weeks ago. Not that I don't like it, I do, but I just have more outfits to share. Unfortunately, I'm often too lazy to drag out the camera, tripod, and flash. Heck, with the above photo, I used camera, tripod, flash, battery pack, pocket wizards, lightstand and umbrella!

And really, it all seems like a bit much for an SMP post. Of course, actually did that for myself because I was playing around with off camera lighting. But even without the off camera lighting, it's still a hassle. In addition to the set up, I'm guessing where to focus and hoping I get it right, setting the timer, running over, posing, waiting, running back over to see if I got anything good.

Rinse and repeat.


I really like all of this outfit. Love the pants, the top, the everything. The top is from NY&C and is super comfy and soft and has pretty lace details. The pants are from Target and are, like the top, super comfortable. Which is good because I sit criss-cross-apple-sauce most days at work. Yep, I just kick off those adorable heels and curl up in my chair. ;)

Necklace from my first visit to Charming Charlie. I couldn't NOT buy this necklace. It was so adorable and so *me* that I just had to get it. Love the little birdie!

Heels from Ann Taylor outlet. LOVE the bows on this pair!


Stargirl said…
Ideas: Take the picture in the same place every day, or rotate a few locations. That might eliminate some guess work on lighting and focus and stuff. Maybe. Set the camera and tripod up the night before. Wake up, get dressed, snap a handful of photos and head off to work. Deal with the pics later. If you don't have something perfect, we'll forgive you! We promise!
fraukuech said…
The lighting isn't the huge problem, it's the focus. The camera focuses when you press the button to start the timer, not right before it takes the photo. So, I'm trying to focus on me, without knowing exactly where that is. I tried focusing on the bar and adjusting it a bit, but that didn't work. So, I take the photo, check it, adjust focus. again. again. again.

The lighting is easy. I will mostly just pop a flash on top and bounce it off the ceiling. I won't usually bother with off camera flash.

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