So, I was making lasagna today...

Next step in recipe: add two lightly beaten eggs.

So, go to fridge and get out---

Wait. Where are the eggs from the CSA? I knew we had at least a few eggs left in the carton. They can't be gone!

Ask Mike, who is showering, if he has seen the eggs.


Look for eggs again. Look at counters, look in freezer (hey, it's possibly I was absent minded), look again in fridge.

Ask Mike. Again. Did he use eggs, perhaps in one of his yummy meals?



Look high and low. Again.

No eggs.

Check old eggs from the grocery store.

Old eggs are, in fact, old. Blech.

Ask Mike again. Maybe he remembers what he did with the eggs now? Pulls back shower curtain, looks at me and says, "Are you kidding me?"

No. In fact, not kidding. I really need those eggs.

Go back to kitchen. Stand at the island. Read the recipe again.

Look down next to my bowl.

See carton of eggs from the farmers market.

I am basically a genius.


Stargirl said…
You are so full of nonsense!
fraukuech said…
oh, you have no idea.
Leo said…
dad would be proud.

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