Sunday, May 20, 2012

insta catch up

I know that I haven't blogged in ages, so here are a few photos I pulled off my Instagram to catch you up with what's being going on in the life of Tiffany. There should be photos of weddings thrown in there, because I've been doing that too! Feel free to head over to my facebook page if you want to see some of my latest photography work. ;)
I love watching the pigs, uh, I mean BIRDS, fight over food at our two feeders.  Oh and the distinct lack of humming birds despite the fact that the hummingbird food has been out for MONTHS.
I think someone wants some attention?
Mike makes the yummiest dinners!
I hosted a Noonday Collection party the other week and bought these two pieces. Go to the site and check out their beautiful jewelry AN watch the videos to learn about the women who make the jewelry. It's a pretty cool company!
Last Thursday was Bella's turn to come to work with me! She got a pretty new dress just for the event. Unfortunately, she has a hard time keeping her skirt down and being ladylike.
Chaperoned my first field trip on Friday. Lauren's class went to the Children's Museum and, how cool, they had the Jelly Belly jelly bean art exhibit. It was gorgeous stuff!
There was the "Kaleidoscope Climb" in the middle of the museum. It was basically caged chaos.
That night, Mike and I met up with the G family at the Greek Festival. Here the kids are watching the Greek dancers. Lauren's dress and Davis's t-shirt are both from their parents' trip to Greece last year.
Rode the teacups-like ride. Basically a LOT of spinning. "That was SO much fun!!! Davis almost puked!" Guess they liked it?
Today, Mike and I went to La Unica Supermercado to get some tomatillos (weird little tomatoes covered in a papery skin) so he could make some salsa verde.
And, of course, another photo of Bella getting some cuddles.

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