so much pretty: another jeans & white t-shirt outfit

I wrote in this post about how much I LOVE wearing the basic jeans & white t-shirt outfit and this is one such outfit. I wore this to work a few days ago and the girl at the computer next to mine commented on my shoes, which, by the way, I totally love. :)

One thing I do really like about this outfit are my jeans. These are LOFT wide leg jeans that I got from eBay and hemmed to fit. I think I actually need to fix them again because one leg is a little bit too long. Ha-ha! 

If I wear jeans to work, I only wear my wide leg jeans. They're both dark wash and they just look more put together than regular jeans.

Of course, that doesn't really matter because my work dress code is non-exist-ant. I could wear my pajamas to work for all anyone cares, but I use work as an excuse to put together outfits for this blog. And then, of course, I forget to take photographs.

Oh, also, I had to share my earrings. This is quite possibly my favorite pair of earrings that I have ever made. :)

earrings: made by me
top: NY&Co
jeans: LOFT
shoes: some no-name brand, purchased at Rack Room Shoes


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