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Mike and I have been meaning to try the Owl for a while, but he's been wanting to wait until the switched over from their winter menu to their spring one. I couldn't describe the Owl better than the owners themselves, so I stole this from their description from The Owl's Facebook page:

Opened in early 2012 by husband and wife team Aaron and Justi Manter, along with Joey Fazio. It's the restaurant/bar we wish existed, so we didn't have to make it ourselves. 

Modern progressive dining. A little science here, a little craziness there. 

We look to the future for flavor and find inspiration in the unorthodox. Fiercely independent. 

Take fine dining out of the hands of the wealthy. 

Mike and I had dinner at the Owl tonight. He had the duck and I had the lamb (pictured below). We also had the cheese appetizer and some yummy cheesecake for dessert. I'm no food critic, so I can't wax eloquently about my meal. Basically, it was wonderful. And, it was beautifully presented. :)

If you live here in Greenville, I would *highly* recommend checking out the Owl!

[photo credit: Lori Riddle Deal]
See The Owl's spring menu here!


Bubba312 said…
Did you guys by chance try the cocktails?
Aaron said…
Hey there, I'm Aaron the chef/owner - I was just poking around on google to see what people were saying about us and wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words. We're a fledgling place with an experimental philosophy that extends far beyond the food. So far, so good ( with some stumbling along the way), but we have a long way to go and so much more to show y'all.

Again, thank you so much. It really means a lot.
Tiffany Anne said…
We did not try any cocktails, but our friends had some and loved them! Some of the best they had ever had, they said.
Tiffany Anne said…
Hi Aaron! Thanks for your comment. We really enjoyed the Owl and are already planning to visit y'all again! :)
Mary said…
The cocktails are very special, most have a dash or two of house made bitters. Those bitters really do make a huge difference. They take good drinks and launch them into the "Oh my God" category.

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