lazy blogger blogs about her new job

So, Mary is currently doing this 30 day challenge thing on her blog wherein, basically, she has to blog everyday. Even if it is a short lame little post.

And, well, as one who cannot ever accomplish challenges, I decided to copy cat her. Naturally.

Also, I'm twin B. Copying twin A is my thing. Oh, you want to start forming arms? SO DO I.

Also, I've been a lazy blogger, so hopefully this will jump start things. Again.

Anywhoo, my snippet for the day is that I have a new job. I mentioned it a while ago, but just barely. So, I am now doing social media for We help dog lovers find travel arrangements. Also, our website is chock full of things do to with your dog and I've spent hours researching different dog friendly activities.

Fun fact: did you know that the Applewood Inn has llama trekking? And you can take your dog with you on the llama trek. Which, I think, is basically like walking a dog. Except you will be walking a llama.

So, should you be so inclined to follow my social media awesomeness, you can do so here:

Speaking of pinterest and traveling with dogs. If you are ever inclined to do such a thing, I'm pretty sure you need to turn an old suitcase into a bed for your adorable yorkie. Yep, it's adorable.


So far, I really like my job. The phones ring. A lot. But I guess that's a good thing because if they didn't, I wouldn't have a job. I actually like chatting with the customers and hearing about their dogs. Because that's one thing we've all got in common...we LOVE our dogs.

I like going in to work. I also like dressing cute. I'm told that this is a novelty that will wear off, but so far (the whole fours days), I still like it. I've been meaning to take photos of my outfits, but I forget. Yesterday, I did this easy but super fancy looking hair do.

If I manage to make it to day 2 of this challenge, you'll see me tomorrow.


Stargirl Heuser said…
Sooo unoriginal! JK. If you can make it five days in a row you will have beat my record high. I have to keep starting over. 

I still love dressing up for work. Also, I'd like to trek with a llama. For real.
Stargirl Heuser said…
Can you blog about what a day is like in your job. I have no idea what you do. I assume that you pin and tweet all day. And play with dogs.
Tiffany Anne said…
What on earth is going on? I know you commented, but I can't see it??
Tiffany Anne said…
sheesh. now that i post that, it's showing up. stoopid disqus

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