lapse in posting...oops

So, I forgot to post anything Sunday or Monday. Oops. My brother's wedding was on Saturday and, as the photographer, it was a wonderful but very long day for me.

Sunday, I spent my time yawning and church and playing picross (thanks for the suggestion, Stargirl. I'm an addict).

Monday, it was back to my normal schedule. I forgot to take lunch to work, but luckily there are free snacks there. So, I snacked on a frappucino, cheetos, a banana, and starbursts.

And now it's Tuesday. My day off. Insert blissful sigh here.

Being busy really makes you grateful for the days you can sit at home on the couch again.

Of course, while sitting on the couch I will be alternating between editing photos and folding laundry.

Also, I'm very happy to be alone for almost the whole day. :)

Oh, and Mike and I are going to see Les Miserables!


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