botb: an update, just so you don't go thinking i'm pregnant because i haven't said anything in a while. ;)

I've just returned from getting my blood drawn. I've never had so much blood drawn as I have in the past few months. And really, getting all that blood drawn really adds up. Especially when they heap on the testing they do to that blood. Yikes.

But that's not really what I wanted to write about. We all know how expensive medical care can be.

What I wanted to write was just a little update on my heart. Friends with caring hearts have inquired. It's nice to know that people are praying for me. :)

My heart is fine. It's rather content, actually. I'm absolutely loving my time with my husband and my dog. I'm focusing on my photography. (If anyone in Greenville needs photography, call me! I need the money. ~_^) I'm having lunch/coffee/drinks with girlfriends and photography friends. I love going to my Ladies' Bible Study (though, they have childcare, so...irrelevant).

All that to say, I'm loving my life. I get that this is the lot that I've been divinely blessed with and I feel just that--blessed.

It's not to say I don't have my moments. I can definitely struggle when I feel like I am barraged by pregnant women and/or newborn babies. On my Facebook news feed, pregnancies and births are being announced every week.

And, yes, of course this discourages me at times. But at the heart of it all, I know this is where God has me. My temporary discouragement wanes and I remind myself of how blessed I am. It's not a huge difficulty to remember to count my blessing. That, in of itself, is a blessing!

A friend called a few weeks ago to tell me she was pregnant. She admitted, part way into the conversation, that she almost didn't call because she knows I'm struggling. I was so glad she called, though! I very much enjoy sharing in my friends' joy.

Let me end this post with a photo of my baby, my furry, black-lipped, big-eyed baby. Oh, and that's a doggie trench coat she's wearing, in case your curious. ^_^


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