so much pretty: l'oreal paris colour riche nail color review

If you'll recall, I painted my nails using the new L'oreal Paris Color Riche nail color 10 days ago. I spotted the display at Target and was drawn to the 10-day promise. I picked up the base coat, top coat, and nail color in Violet Vixen (500). I got home and couldn't find any reviews about the polish, so I decided to write my own. Read the first half here.

So, did the nail polish live up to it's promise?

Truth be told, I didn't even make it to the 10-day mark to see if my nails would last that long. Why? Because these are photos that I took on Day 6:

The polish on the nails on my thumb, first and middle finger (of both hands) were chipped. The ring and pinky finger had some wear, but no chipping. I think the pinky was chipped on the other hand, though.

It might seem like minimal chipping, but this is only after six days! From a polish that said it was guaranteed to last 10 days. And yes, I did the base coat + color + top coat.

I returned the polish, of course. Said it was defective and got my $15 back. If I'm going to buy polish that will chip, I'll stick with $0.94 NYC polish. Which, if I remember correctly, actually has pretty good staying power. I think I'll try that once my current manicure starts to chip.

What's my current manicure?

Pretty, eh? I got my nails done two days ago with my mom & sister. They got shellac, but I just got a regular ol' french. I'll probably go back sometime and get shellac. It looks so cool and I've just got to try it!

Have you tried L'oreal Paris Color Riche nail color? I'd love to hear if you had similar or different experience with it!


Missy said…
Ooh, pretty French.

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