so much pretty: long red skirt know that new camera I was talking about? It's got this "miniature scene" effect and I love to use it for photos of all the things. Including outfit posts, I suppose. Don't hate on me. Just wait for the fish eye photos. They are so coming.

About this outfit. Well, the top is pretty familiar, no? I know I've worn that cardigan and belt in that exact same way a few times before. The skirt? Oh, don't you love that skirt, Mary? It's such a pretty skirt. It's my sister's. She bought it in Canada and I'm keeping it safe for her. ;)

I've actually had it in my closet for a while, but it was pretty hard for me to figure something that I felt comfortable wearing out of the house. A red maxi skirt it a pretty loud statement, I think. I think the basic cardigan & white tee balances things out. And the scarf (a gift from my friend Jessica. It's from Ethiopia!) ties it all together.


Susan said…
You look adorable! Which is nothing new! lIking that cute skirt!!!
Stargirl Heuser said…
Mine mine mine. I bet it fits me again. When I tried it on in Toronto, I was at a loss for what to pair it with. The sales girl suggested neutrals, so I've always paired it with either a black fitted blouse or a beige-y fitted tee that I have. I love it with the belt!!!