I'm trying to come up with a rewards system for fans of my facebook page. I was talking to my sister about this today, trying to come up with some ideas...

"You could give each winner a gold fish." She said. I actually like that idea. It's incredibly quirky. Apparently, I'm quirky. Two people told me that this weekend. Quirky in a good way.

Then she said, "I just said that because I looked up and saw my goldfish."

We talked for a bit more.

"Oh, you could give the winners mascara!"

"You're just looking around you room and saying what you see!"

"No I'm not! You could give them a RUBIK'S CUBE!"


Stargirl said…
Man, who *doesn't* want a Rubik's cube?
Missy said…
I'll take a Rubik's cube!